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Fangirl Forum Rules! Empty Fangirl Forum Rules!

Post by Shannon on Tue Sep 29, 2015 8:05 pm

Hi everyone,
I've made this post to inform you all of the rules here at Fangirl Forum. If you think there's anything that should be added, let me, Kristina or Niamh know, and I'll put it here. Anyway, onto the rules.

  • No swearing.

  • Homophobic, racist, sexist or transphobic slurs/hate are, under any circumstances, NOT allowed.

  • If someone ships something you can't stand, in no way are you allowed to be rude to them, or try to upset them, ect.

  • Negativity is not welcome here.

  • Instead of sending hate, send kindness, you'll be making a person's day, instead of making them hate the day.

  • If someone is brave enough to post a selfie, in no way whatsoever, are you allowed to post hate about it.

  • Ship wars are not welcome here, try tumblr.

  • If someone posts fanfic/fanart, you are NOT allowed to post hate about it. That person worked hard on it.

Please remember these rules, they're important if you want to stay a member on this site.

- Yours truly,
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